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What is a SeamlessDoc?
What is a SeamlessDoc?
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What is a SeamlessDoc?

SeamlessDocs takes your old PDFs and converts them into a fillable, mobile friendly cloud doc that can be completed, submitted, eSigned, and synced with your cloud seamlessly.

SeamlessDoc Editor (Doc Editor)

The SeamlessDoc Editor is where you can upload a PDF and turn it into a SeamlessDoc (Doc). We make it easy to save time building your SeamlessDoc with our patent-pending Auto-Detect, which automatically detects fields for your form. You can also build workflows for your doc, assuring that your applications and requests always reach the right people. After your SeamlessDoc is prepared, you can share the link for your citizens to complete.

WebForm Builder
The WebForm Builder is where you have a blank canvas to build a beautiful and easy-to-use WebForm. The layout of the form is similar to the Doc Editor, with Toolbar and Settings at the top, convenient list of elements to the left, and easy access to sharing and publishing tools.

When to use a SeamlessDoc or WebForm

Now that you understand the very basics of SeamlessDocs, you may be wondering when you should use a SeamlessDoc or WebForm. The most important thing to keep in mind while making this decision is that a Web Form can only have one signer, where a SeamlessDoc can have endless signers.

Wizard Builder
​The Wizard takes your SeamlessDoc and turns it into a WebForm. This feature is great for when you need to take elements of the WebForm and apply them to your Doc.

Manage Submissions
The Submission Manager is where you can easily view and manage the submissions of your WebForms and SeamlessDocs. The submissions are listed in an organized table and with a few clicks, you can share, export, download, or delete your submissions.

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