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There are three ways to create a GovOS Studio form: Uploading a Document, Building a WebForm, and Using a Template. You can get started with any of these three options by clicking on the orange Create button next to your User Name.

There are several ways you can upload a document. If the document is located on your local computer, you can drag the file onto the uploader or manually browse for it by using the Choose File button.

If your document is located in a cloud storage network, such as Box or Google Drive, or in your Gmail Inbox, you can connect with these services to browse for your file.

And finally, you can also upload a document by providing a direct URL link to the file.

Building a WebForm 

You also have the option to build an online WebForm. A WebForm is a form built for your web browser as an easy and efficient way to collect data from your end user.

We also have a variety of templates available for commonly used forms, surveys, legal and business documents, and more. Templates can be viewed by choosing Browse Templates under the Create button. You can also save any of your SeamlessDocs and WebForms you create as a template for future use.

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