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Some of our partners like to use custom CSS to add their own branding and color schemes to our Web Forms. In the past this has been done on a form by form basis but for many partners who have to make these changes for hundreds of forms, doing it one by one is not sustainable. Now you can apply CSS globally on your forms!

Updated Embed Code

With many upgrades and changes to popular browsers like FireFox, Chrome and Internet Explorer we wanted to update our own Embed Code to reflect these changes.

The great news is that not only will this mean a more responsive embed code but now you can embed SeamlessDocs and not just Web Forms! 

Since this will be a new embed code forms that are currently embedded with our legacy code will need to be updated with the new code. We will be reaching out to many of our partners individually who leverage the embed code for most of their forms to ensure a smooth roll out. 

Email Redesign

This will consist of a variety of upgrades to the email service in general but most visible will be a series of new designs for the emails themselves

We have upgraded our Public API to now allow not just unlimited calls but also no limits on the number of calls at a given time. 

JANUARY - 2020

Payments 2.0

Sync with dozens of payment gateways in moments and then seamlessly embed payments into any of your online services. You can also streamline your processing fee collection with the ability to either pass forward the processing fees and or accept a convenience fee.

With Payments all fees can be processed directly within a form and are customizable. Fees can be set to specific amounts or calculated automatically based on the users’ answers. Fees can be a requirement for submission or optional. 



With the Submission Rule Builder you can now automatically assign specific users, apply tags and stages and notify specific people based on a selection made or entered on a form. This can be based on a specific value that was entered or selected or for all submissions.


We've added explanations for each role type when you are adding or changing a user's role to add more clarity the user permissions structure:


We are excited to announce the Service Center!

The Service Center creates an organized and simple way of presenting your paperless forms and services to your citizens and staff on a single centralized platform. More than just delivering a paperless way to complete forms and applications the Service Center allows you to offer Online Services easily with a completely customizable and beautiful page.

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