From the Lobby, you can setup your Account Details by selecting your name in the right corner and choosing Profile from the drop-down menu. Here, you will find your User Profile Details, such as your Name and Phone Number. Double-click on the field you wish to edit and replace it with the new information.

Company Details

Alternatively, you can also view and edit the Account Details of your company by clicking on the Company tab. This will be the default information for your Digital Letterhead.

The following screenshots are for if you are on the updated layout for SeamlessDocs. You will know if you are if you see a drop down for Account next to the Create button in the top right. If instead you see your username, then you are not on SeamlessDocs 2.0.

You can upload a custom logo for your company by clicking on the Branding tab and clicking Add Logo. Your logo will also be displayed on your Digital Letterhead, which is displayed to the left of your form or SeamlessDoc in Live Mode.

Cloud Storage

Connect your SeamlessDocs account with cloud networks, such as Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Click on the blue "Connect with..." button and enter login credentials to connect. Once you do this, then you can start selecting which forms you'd like to sync with these Cloud Storage options. NOTE: If you set up a cloud sync on a form that already has submissions, these submissions will not appear but any new submissions after the sync will show. 

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