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How to Convert PDFs into WebForms using the Wizard
How to Convert PDFs into WebForms using the Wizard
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The Wizard is a method to turn a PDF into a WebForm. Think of it as the best of both worlds, the ease of using a WebForm with the final look of a SeamlessDoc. With the Wizard, users will fill out the form using a Web Form and have the information automatically populate on a PDF.

To quickly identify a SeamlessDocs Wizard in your Forms Manager, just look for the lightning bolt next to the Form Name.

Enabling The Wizard

In order to enable the Wizard, you must first open a SeamlessDoc in Editor Mode. You can do that from the Forms Manager by double clicking on the Form Name of a SeamlessDoc. It will open automatically in the SeamlessDoc Editor shown below.

To Enable the Wizard

  1. Select Add Ons and then choose Enable Wizard from the drop-down menu.

2. You will be redirected to the WebForm Builder where you'll see your fields from the SeamlessDoc transferred to the WebForm. From here you can take advantage of the other WebForm elements.

Only the first signer will be able to complete the form in WebForm view. All other signers will interact with the SeamlessDoc. This allows you to have multiple signers and be able to use the HTML elements of a WebForm.

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