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How to Add and Manage Users in Your Account
How to Add and Manage Users in Your Account

This article walks you through user management including adding and disabling users

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Before you begin adding users to your account, you should first understand the difference in user types. 

Types of Users

An owner user has complete access to an account. They can view and edit all forms, view all submissions, create tags and stages, assign users to submissions, customize the account settings, as well as create new users.

A director user (previously an admin) has access to all forms that they have created or that have been shared with them. They can assign processor users to view submissions in the GRM (as long as they are assigned to the submission themselves) and can build and customize portal pages in the Portals Manager.

A processor user (previously a member) will only have access to submissions on forms they've built and that have been shared with them on a form-wide in GovOS Studio or assigned to them on a one-by-one basis in the GRM. Submissions can be assigned manually by owner and director users or automatically assigned using the
submission rule builder.

An Analyst user is meant to review and process submissions and not to create and manage forms. They will only have access to the Submissions Manager and can be allowed to either:

  1. See Submission Data - If an Analyst user is only given permission to View Submissions and not Manage Submissions, then they will only be able to see the submissions.

  2. Manage Submissions through the Permissions Modal - This means that all submissions received on a form can have a stage set, tag applied, or user assigned by that Analyst User.

  3. Assigned to individual submissions through the Submission Rule Builder (SRB) or manual assignment - This means they can only set stages, apply tags or assign users to the submissions they themselves have been assigned to.

Since Analyst Users cannot be the creators or authors of forms if you downgrade a Standard User to an Analyst it will ask you to re-assign any forms they are the author of to someone else.

A visitor user will only have access to view their own submissions. These are free and unlimited and can be created at the signup page.

NOTE: For more information on User Types and their abilities please refer to our User Types article.

How to Add Users

PLEASE NOTE: Only owner users will be able to add new users to your account. 

The following directions are for if you are on the updated layout for GovOS Studio. You will know if you are if you see a drop down for Account next to the Create button in the top right. If instead you see your username, then you are not on GovOS Studio 2.0 (you may still be on the legacy integration).

1. Click on Account --> Company in the top right and this will take you to the Company Management Page:

2. Once you're in the Company page you will see a series of options in the top right and then will click on Users:

3. Click Add User button below your Visitors user list.

*You can see how many user credits you have left at the top of the page.

4. Fill in the email address and select the user type. Then click Invite User:

If you are not on GovOS Studio 2.0, please follow these directions instead:

1. From the Forms Manager, click your name in the top right to bring down the Account Menu and then click Users.

2. Click Add User under Administrators or Members, depending on which type you are adding (You can see how many user credits you have left in the top right.).

3. Fill in the appropriate information and click Save.

How to Change User Types or Disable Users

1. Follow the previous directions depending on which layout you are on, and then once you're in the Users Manager click on any of the Types of users (Owners, Directors, Processors, Analysts or Visitors) and it will break out the list of all those users. Then next to each user you can click the Edit button.

2. From this screen you can update their information including the type of user and disable them as a user which will remove their ability to log-in:

NOTE: Owner users will not be able to edit the name or email address of users moving forward, only the users themselves can do this for security purposes. If you need assistance with this please reach out to our Support team for help.

If you have any questions around the number of credits you have or would like to add more credits, then please feel free to reach out to your Partner Success Manager.

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