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How to Manage Submissions
How to Manage Submissions

This article will walk you through the Submissions Manager and how to archive, delete, export and manage data

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From the Submissions Manager, you can manage the submissions of a specific WebForm or SeamlessDoc. You can access the Submissions Manager from the lobby by clicking on the number to the right of a Form's Name. It will have the number of submissions you've received on that SeamlessDoc or WebForm.

Submission Created: This is the date and time that the form was submitted. The Time Zone is connected to the Time Zone set in the Profile of the Author of the form.

How to Change your Time Zone on Submissions

Submission Details

When you click on a submission a new window will appear on the right side that will show you the information collected on a form, any attachments requested on the form, and the signature status which has a list of who has signed, and who has yet to sign, the form.

Signature Status
In the Signature Status window you can see who has signed and who has yet to signed. You can also use the Invite Signer option to re-notify the signer or notify a different signer if you need someone else to sign the document in place of the person who is supposed to sign. Or you can sign yourself by clicking on the Sign Now option.

Exporting Submissions

Exporting submission data is useful when you would like your data in a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file format, which can later be viewed in a spreadsheet. 

To export your submissions: 

Click on the check box(es) to the left of the submission(s) you would like to export and then select the downward facing arrow in the top right corner. A pop-up window will appear that will give you the option to export CSV Data, attachments on the form, PDF's and also allow you to export to a different e-mail address whereas by default it will e-mail the person who is logged in exporting the data. To export all submissions, then select the very first check box on the left above your submission and all submissions will be selected. 

The data will export in the order that the columns appear in the Submissions Manager however each user can arrange the columns in any order they like for organizational purposes or to export in a different order. The next section will show how to do this.

How to Rearrange Columns:

To re-arrange the columns in the Submissions Manager you will click on the name of the columns and then drag it to the place in the order where you would like it to be:

To archive and/or delete submissions:

If you are Author of the form then you also have the permission to delete submissions.

To archive or delete a submission you will first check the box to the left of the submission, then both a Filing Cabinet Icon (Archive) and Trash Can icon (Delete) will appear in the top right and you can choose to Archive or Delete by clicking on those buttons.

To view your Archived Submissions you will open up the window on the left hand side of the submissions that also contains Stages and you will see the Filing Cabinet Icon:

Once you're in the Archived folder you can then click the checkbox to select a submission and then choose to either Restore a submission so that it's visible in the Submissions Manager again, or you can choose to delete it completely.

Note: Once the submission is completely deleted it cannot be retrieved.

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