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How to Set-Up Checkboxes and Radio Buttons (SeamlessDocs)
How to Set-Up Checkboxes and Radio Buttons (SeamlessDocs)
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The Difference Between a Checkbox and Radio Button

Checkbox: Allows your end users to select one or multiple options. For example, a "Choose all that apply" field.

Radio Buttons: End users will only be able to choose one option in a group rather than checking multiple options. For example, "Please select one" or yes/no questions.

Setting Up Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

The steps below will outline how to set up both checkboxes and radio buttons.

1. Drag and drop the radio button or checkbox onto the form and place them next to the answer you'd like your end user to select.

2. From the toolbar that appears on the top of your form, set up the radio button or checkbox. You'll first want to assign a Group Label for the radio button or checkbox by selecting the 2nd drop down menu in the toolbar. You'll want the Group Label to be the question that is being asked.

3. After you've added your Group Label, you'll then want to add the radio button/checkbox Option. This is one of the options that are available as an answer to the question being asked.

4. Once you're ready to set up your other radio button or checkbox, select the field to make its toolbar appear at the top of the form. Then choose the recently created group label from the second drop down menu. This how you make your radio buttons share the same group.

5. Repeat step 3 to properly label the radio button/checkbox option.

Please note, that in order for your radio buttons to work properly you must have at least two of them on your form. If you need to have one radio button, then you'll want to change it to a checkbox.

Using Radio Buttons or Checkboxes in Calculations

To assign a value to a checkbox or radio button, select the cog to the right of the field. In the General field settings, add the value of the radio button or checkbox to the Calculation Field. This is the value that will be used in the formula when you create the calculation on your form. This can also be used for payments.

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