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How to Add A Cover Letter to Your SeamlessDoc
How to Add A Cover Letter to Your SeamlessDoc
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How to Add a Cover Letter

You can add a cover letter to any of your SeamlessDocs. These are created on a form-by-form basis and allow you to include a set of instructions or message that the end user would see prior to filling out your SeamlessDoc.

  1. Within the SeamlessDoc Editor click on the Settings drop-down menu and select "Cover Letter."

  2. A pop up will appear asking if you want to Enable Cover Letter; click the toggle to turn it on.

3. Next you can add your custom message. Your cover letter can include headers, bullet points, quotes, change the alignment, color, and style, and embed links and images. You can also add an acknowledgement box to make the user check off that he/she has read the message prior to clicking next. You can turn this on or off with the checkbox at the bottom.

โ€‹How to Resize Images in your Cover Letter
There will be a curser that the GIF is not showing to guide the size of your image.

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