By cloud syncing with or Dropbox, your submissions can automatically save within a cloud-based file storage platform in real time. Additionally, aside from submissions storing automatically, you can upload files and notes into the three cloud storage services. Any of the submissions or folders within the three can be shared with colleagues or constituents.

Please note that before you can enable Cloud Sync on your forms, will you need to turn it on in your account first. To do this, you will need to be an owner user. Select your name in the upper right corner and then choose Profile from the drop down menu.

Then, choose which Cloud Storage you would like to sync with. Once this is complete, you will be able to start Cloud Syncing your forms.

The process of cloud syncing with any of the three platforms is the same for both SeamlessDocs and Web Forms. 

NOTE: Only the form author can sync to a cloud storage provider on their particular form. 

To Enable Cloud Sync on Web Forms and SeamlessDocs:

In the Doc Editor and the Web Form Builder, respectively, select Settings and then choose Cloud Sync... from the drop-down menu. 

From there, you'll see the three cloud-based file storage platforms listed on the right side of the pop out. If you haven't connected with a given storage platform, you'll have to do so from here.

For, all of your submissions will be brought over to your Default Location folder. You can save submissions as PDFs with the data populated, and/or CSV (Comma Separated Values) files with the data.


For Dropbox, you can save submissions as PDFs with data populated, and/or CSV (Comma Separated Values) files with the data. However, for security purposes, SeamlessDocs only has access to a generated folder we create in your account You can always add additional folders within this folder from your Dropbox account.

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