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Different Ways to Sign A SeamlessDoc
Different Ways to Sign A SeamlessDoc

This walks through the different ways to sign a SeamlessDoc

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There are three different ways that you can eSign a SeamlessDoc.

1. Typing Your Signature

You can type your legal name and it will appear in the signature box and then be applied to the document you are signing.

2. Drawing Your Signature.ย 

Drawing a signature can be done with your mouse or even your finger, if you are signing on your smartphone or tablet.

3. Uploading A Custom Signature

When you click on Upload Custom an upload box will appear allowing you to upload a saved signature and apply it to the signature box on the form for the final copy. The recommended size for an uploaded signature for best fit is 510 x 130 pixels but you do not have to use this size image.

All eSignature options are equally effective and legally binding and allow the end user to have options on how they would like to complete their signature.

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