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How to Convert a PDF into a SeamlessDoc
How to Convert a PDF into a SeamlessDoc
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To turn your PDF into a fillable document, you'll want to start in The Forms Manager of your account. Once here, follow the steps below. 

To upload a PDF to be converted to a SeamlessDoc: 

1. Select the orange Create button in the upper right corner of your Forms Manager and then choose Upload Document from the drop down menu.

2. A popup will appear where you can either drag your file, manually browse for it on your local computer, provide the link to the form, or search for it on your connected cloud storage networks.

3. Once your form has been converted into the Doc Editor, you will be prompted to Auto-Detect Fields. This feature will not only add fields to your form for you, but it will re-size them and also label them for you. However,  we always recommend that you double-check that the field label makes sense for your form. 

NOTE: If you have a fillable form or PDF that you have converted, then fields will automatically be uploaded to it upon conversion. 

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