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How to Assign a Field to a Signer
How to Assign a Field to a Signer
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Within your SeamlessDoc, you can assign fields to specific signers in your workflow. This ensures that no other signers will accidentally fill out a field that they shouldn't add information to. It is important to note that only one signer can be assigned to a field. Also, if you choose to not assign any fields at all then only the first signer will be able to fill out any of the fields.

NOTE: You don't need to assign fields to the first signer and you cannot map fields to a subject line if they are assigned, so we recommend refraining from assigning any fields to the first signer and only to later signers if possible. 

To assign a field to a signer:

  1. Select the field that you would like to assign. 

  2. From the field's toolbar at the top, choose the Assign To drop-down menu and then select the signer whom you'd like to assign the field to. 

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