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How to Remove a Signer
How to Remove a Signer

This walks through how to remove a signer from your Signature Workflow

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NOTE: If you see Participants instead of Signers in the editor for your forms you are on our new Signature functionality and should refer to our Participants article.

Should you find that you no longer need a signer in your signature workflow, you can easily remove them from your SeamlessDoc.

To remove a signer from your SeamlessDoc:

  1. First, you will need to delete any of their signature fields from the form. You can do this by selecting the field and then selecting the trash icon from the field's tool bar at the top of the form.

2. Next, select Signers and then Manage Signers. Once you are in the Manage Signers modal, find the signer that you'd like to remove and select the trash can symbol to delete them from your workflow.

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