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Our WebForm Builder offers a variety of elements that can be added to your WebForm. Apart from common text input fields, you can add interactive elements, such as a video, an image gallery, survey tools, and even collect payments.  

WebForm elements are broken into eight categories: 

  1. Most Popular: These fields are some of the most commonly utilized fields on a form, such as Full Name, Email Address, and Full Address. There are also fields like Heading, Sub Heading, and Rich Text, which allow you to provide your users with more information on the form they are completing. 

2. Image & Video Tools: These fields allow you to embed videos and add images, so you can add a personal touch to your form. 

3. Survey Tools: With our various survey tools, you can get the opinions from your citizens on how they feel about your new forms or gather feedback from your co-workers.

4. Event Tools: These fields allow you to integrate with various calendar and event providers so your users can pick a date to sign up for your services and events.

5. Specialty Tools: Our specialty tools have a variety of beneficial fields to enhance the ease of using your new WebForm, such as Signature, Google's reCAPTCHA, and Canvas Sketch.

6. Formatting Tools: These tools are designed to create space and pages within your WebForms. They also feature useful entry fields, such as triple entry and currency format.

7. International Fields: These fields allow your web form to be translated into another language, as well as providing users with an international address field.

8. Payment Tools: With payment tools, you can set up an account with one of the listed payment providers and start collecting fees on your WebForms.

How to Add WebForm Elements

There are two ways that you can add the elements mentioned above to your WebForm. 

  1. By drag and dropping the selected element 

2. By clicking the fields in the order that you'd like to add.

How to Edit Elements

By selecting the gear icon on any of the elements, you can customize certain settings such as label, special validation, error message, and hover text. Simply make your changes, then select save.

How to Merge Fields  

Merge up to three elements by holding the shift key while selecting them then right-click to merge them onto one line. NOTE: This only works with Single Line and Drop Down Select elements. Also, if you need to delete an element that is merged, you will first need to un-merge the elements by right clicking on one of the merged elements. Then, you will be able to delete the element. 

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