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How to Set Up Conditional Show/Hide Fields
How to Set Up Conditional Show/Hide Fields
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You can show or hide fields on your WebForm based on selections from another field. This allows you to ask additional questions based on certain scenarios, such as "If you selected "Yes" to this question, please provide more information". You can even make these show/hide fields required. 

How to Set Up Show or Hide Conditional Statements 

  1. Create the field that will determine what other options will show later. Using the gif above as an example, this field would be the checkbox field asking "How would you like to be contacted?". 

  2. Next, add the field or fields that will be dependent on your first field. Again using the gif above, these fields would be the phone number and email fields. This field must be below the field it's dependent on.

  3.  Then select the gear icon on the upper right of this field. Scroll to the bottom and select Yes for Enable Conditional Show/Hide. After this, you will be prompted to select the field and value that will either show or hide this field. 

The following fields can be used with Conditional Show/Hide:
-Rich Text
-Phone Number
-Multi-Line Input
-Single-Line Input
-Drop Down Select
-Checkbox/Radio Button
-Date Picker
-Upload File(s)
-Full Name
-Full Address
-Full Date
-Star Rating (Survey Tool)
-Emoticons (Survey Tool)
-Survey Matrix
-Check and Text

NOTE: Conditional Show/Hide does not work Merged fields and if you merge fields that have Conditional Show/Hide set up then it will remove the Conditional settings.

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