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How to Set Up Acuity Scheduling
How to Set Up Acuity Scheduling
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Using the Acuity Scheduling integration, you can allow form submitters to book appointments directly from your forms!

Acuity Scheduling is an independent scheduling platform which can also integrate with your other calendars services like Google Calendars, Office365, etc. 

NOTE: You must have an account with Acuity Scheduling for this integration to work. You can sign up for one here!

How to Add Acuity Scheduling to Your WebForm:

  1. Select the Acuity Scheduling field under the Event Tools section. 

  2. Once you've added the field to your form, select the gear icon on the right of the form. You will also need to have you Acuity account open while you are doing this. In your Acuity account, go to the Client Scheduling Page section and copy the Account ID. Then in the Acuity Scheduling field settings in GovOS Studio, paste the account ID and click Save. This is how you will link your Acuity calendar with your WebForm. 

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