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How to Add Checkboxes and Radio Buttons on Your WebForm
How to Add Checkboxes and Radio Buttons on Your WebForm
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The Difference Between a Checkbox and Radio Button

Checkbox: Allows your end users to select one or multiple options. For example, a "Choose all that apply" field.

Radio Buttons: End users will only be able to choose one option in a group rather than checking multiple options. For example, "Please select one" or yes/no questions.

Setting Up Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

The steps below will outline how to set up both checkboxes and radio buttons.

  1. Drag and drop the Checkbox/Radio Group element on to form.

  2. . Then, select the gear icon on the right of the field. This will take you to the field's settings where you can set up the question and answers. 

  3. Once you've added your question and answers, select whether you'd like to make it a radio button or check box through the Options Type drop-down menu. You can also choose to have your answers appear in two columns and to make your checkbox/radio buttons apart of a conditional show/hide statement. 

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