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How to Set Up Calculations in Your WebForm
How to Set Up Calculations in Your WebForm
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  1. Add the fields that you'd like the calculation to be based from. This can either be from a single or multi-line field, a drop-down select field or a Radio Button/Checkbox group. In the example below, I set up common fields (Rent, Utilities, Bills) that I know someone would only enter numbers in. 

If using a Drop Down Select you will now be able to associate a numerical value with each option. You will click on Yes next to Use Options in Calculations and then this will bring up the menu to add the values. The Values will correspond to the Option above in the same order:

If using a Radio Button/Checkbox Group you will be able to add a numerical value next to each option in the list as you can see from the screenshot below:

2. Then under the Specialty Tools sections, drag and drop the Calculations field. Once you've done this, select the gear icon on the right side of the field, this will take you the field's settings. Here you can set up your calculation in the Enter formula here field. A list will show with all of the available fields you can use in your Calculation and the F value associated with them (F1, F2, Etc.)

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