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How to Set Up Dynamic Lists
How to Set Up Dynamic Lists
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Dynamic Lists allow you to create pre-determined fields for your users to add more of the same information. For example, if your end user needs to enter in more than one volunteer name, then a dynamic list would allow them to do so. 

To set up dynamic lists: 

  1. First, drag and drop the Dynamic List field onto your web form from the Specialty Tools section. 

  2. Next select the gear icon on the right of the field. This will take you into the settings where you can customize your dynamic list. 

Label: Allows you to create a header for your Dynamic List.

Description Text: This is where you can add instructions or information on what the user should enter in the Dynamic List field. 

Button Label: This is where your users will select to add another field. Using the volunteer example from above, you would want your button to say something like "Add Another Name". 

Input Label: Will show the name of the field that your users will be adding information; this is where you would add "Volunteer's Name". 

Input Placeholder: Allows you to leave placeholder text for your users so you can show them how to forma their answer. 

Limit to Number of Fields: This will let you choose the number of possible fields your users can have to complete. 

This is what your Dynamic List will look like in the live view of your WebForm. 

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