A GRM site allows you to create a customized site for your departmental or internal use. For example, you could create a GRM site specifically for HR purposes that only houses your HR related forms.

To set up sites in your GRM: 

  1. Select your name on the upper right corner, then choose Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. Once in the Account Settings, select the Sites tab.

3. Once in the Sites tab, you can create your own site. When you select Create Site, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to choose a name for your sector to create a new site. Keep in mind that this name will be added in your URL. So if you choose to name your sector "humanresources", your URL will be "subdomain-humanresources.seamlessgov.com"

To control the settings of the sites:

1. Select the cog symbol next to the URL of the site you'd like to edit. From here, you will be prompted to log into the new site. Your login credentials will be the same as your normal GRM/SeamlessGov login.

2. Once in the settings, you can set up new tags and groups, as well as add a different email for admin of the site.

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