Formerly known as Triggers or Trigger Notifications, the GRM Rule Builder allows you to build rules based on activity or inactivity on a submission-by-submission basis. While the video below uses our former language, it still applies the same logic for setting up rules. 

To set up GRM Rules:

Within any pipeline or submission manager in your GRM, click on the lightning bolt icon on the upper right of the page to access your GRM Rule Builder. You will be prompted to choose between your Activity Rules and Inactivity Rules.

Activity Rules will either add a tag/stage to a submission, change a tag/stage on a submission, or send an email notification. This means that if a tag has been assigned as Pending, you could set up the rule builder to change this tag to another tag after a certain amount of time. Activity rules can also be used to send a custom email message to specific GRM users based off their submission's tag/stage. For example if a submission gets moved into a Denied tag or stage, you could set up an activity rule to send an email to the user explaining that their submission has been denied.

Inactivity Rules
work exactly the same, except that they are applied to submissions that do not have any tag/stage changes after a certain amount of time. Using the same example from above, if a submission has had the Pending tag for 5 days, you could set up an inactivity rule to notify one of your GRM users by email that they have a pending submission to review.

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