NOTE: This article is to be used inside the GRM and the url you are accessing will end in If you are logging into the SeamlessDocs platform and working out of the Submissions Manager you will want to use our article on How to Create Stages and Tags in the Submissions Manager.

Creating Tags and Stages

Tags and Stages allow you to keep your submissions organized by labeling with them with bits of information. Before you begin creating these, there must be at least one submission received on your form.

To start creating your tags and stages: 

  1. Select your name in the right corner, then choose Forms Management.

2. Once in your Forms Manager, find the form where you'd like to start adding tags and stages. Select the green or blue logo to the left of your form's name to enter the pipeline of your form. The pipeline (or submission manager) is where the submissions for your form are stored and where you'll start creating your tags and stages.

3. Next, select the Tags and Stages symbol located on the upper right, above your submissions.

4. When you select this button, you'll be taken into your Tags and Stages Manager where you can begin creating your tags. In order for your new tags and stages to save, you need to select Create New Tag or Create New Stage, as shown in the GIF below. This will not create a blank tag or stage.

Managing Tags and Stages

Stages will be unique to each form, and tags will be unique to each of your Sites. GRM tags and stages can also be color coordinated, which makes it convenient for you and your users to distinguish between your submissions.

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