Uploading a CSV of data allows you to easily create a new submission on your forms, but without ever having to fill out a form. This is done by taking the CSV from one form and uploading it to another form's pipeline.

Before you get started, it's important to make sure that you have set up API Aliases on the form whose CSV file you have exported as well as the form which you'd like to upload the file. Additionally, the order/names of the columns in the CSV file need to exactly match those within the GRM.

NOTE: You must be a Director level user or above and have been granted Site Access to the GRM in order to perform this function.

To upload a CSV of data to your GRM Pipeline:

  1. Click on the Upload button on the top-right of a form’s pipeline.

2. Then, you will be prompted to upload your CSV file.

Once you've uploaded your CSV, you will receive a message that your upload has been successful and you will now see your new submission generated from the CSV.

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