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How to Create Form Details Page
How to Create Form Details Page
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By creating a forms detail page, you can provide your users with a description of the form, set requirements, costs, and due dates, include steps on how to complete the form, and include any other related forms.

To create a form's detail page

First, you need to turn on the folder's Portal Page that the form belongs to. Once you've done this, you will then need to turn on the portal page for the form itself. Then, a cog will appear next to the toggle you selected to turn on the page; this is how you will access the form's detail settings. .

Create a Form Overview

The text in the "Write a description of the form" can be deleted so that you can add your own custom description of your form. You can also add a longer description if you need to provide your users with additional information.

Add Additional Information

In the Additional Information tab, you can add any requirements, costs, due date, and estimated time spent to complete form.

Adding Specialty Details

Within the Specialty tab, you can add steps for completing the form and even include any forms that are related to the form your users are viewing. In order to include related forms, these forms must first be made public.

How Your Form Details will Appear Live

The gif below will show you how all the form details will appear to your users in the live view.

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