Conversations can be used as an internal and external messaging tool. Users can see and post messages, attachments, and links to other forms. These messages can even address multiple users within the platform so that they get notified of the conversation.

To create a conversation on a submission: 

Click the submission in your GRM pipeline so that the submission details window pops up, then select the Conversations tab. You can now either participate in an existing conversation or start a new conversation.

You can also choose to attach a conversation to multiple submissions. Select the desired submissions from the list and then click the New Conversation button at the top. This conversation will now be viewable in the Submission Details of the selected submissions.

Important Notes

  • You can choose to make a Conversation Public or Private. Once you Create a Conversation click the eye icon at the top right of the Conversation Box.

  • You can delete conversations, however if you selected multiple submissions to add a conversation to, then you will have to delete the conversation from those remaining submissions as well.

  • You can add/edit members to be included in the Conversation by clicking on View (right under the Conversation Subject)

Conversations With Visitors

If you'd like to start a conversation with one of your visitor users over a submission, then you will follow the same steps as above. However to just start a general conversation with one of your visitor users, select your name from the right corner and then choose Visitor Management from the drop-down menu. Select the visitor you'd like to start a conversation with and then choose the chat logo from the popup window to start the conversation. While you can start a conversation with your visitor users, they can not do the same. Visitor users can only respond to conversations that they have been added to.

Viewing Conversations

Once users are assigned to a conversation, they can view it in the lobby of their GRM account. They can also respond back to the conversation, but they will need to add the person they want to notify.

Creating Notes in the GRM

On individual submissions, you can make notes that only you can see and will not be seen by others at first.

To make a note, click on a submission and choose the Conversations tab. You will see a text box where you can enter in your note and once you have created the note it will be created as a Conversation with only one member which will be the creator. Unless other members are added to that conversation the note will only be seen by the creator of the note.

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