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This article walks through how you can turn on, manage and customize your portal pages.

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A Portal Page allows you to select which forms and folders you’d like to be made visible to your users and even customize the way they’re displayed in your Service Center.

To turn on your portal pages:

If you have access to this feature you will see a button in the top left titled Portals and if you have rights to edit and mange these portals it will take you into the Portals Manager:

Inside the Portals Manager you will see a list of all of your forms and folders and corresponding toggle switches to have the forms be shown or hidden:

To turn on a folder, you can click the toggle to right of the folder name and it will appear green when turned on:

To turn on a form inside of a folder, you will similarly click on the toggle to the right of the name of the form under the heading Portal Page:

To the right of the toggle to turn on Portal Pages will be the Public Records option which means that all of the submission received on the form will be available publicly to anyone accessing the Service Center.

At any time while editing your portal pages you can view the live Service Center by clicking on the View option:

To customize your portal pages you can click on the gear icon to the right of the toggle switch and will see a variety of ways you can customize the view of your portals:

Available Customizations in each Portal Page:

Header - This is where you can customize the main page and title of your Portal Page and also any of the navigations:

Rich Text - This allows you to add a custom Welcome Letter to your Portal Page:

Forms - This is where you can customize what information is included with your forms including things like the Due Date or Estimated Time to Complete:

Folders - From here you can choose to show subfolders below your parent folder, and if the folders should be shown in a List View instead of a Tile View:

Add-ons - There are a variety of available add-ons including adding resources like links to other important pages and email address for questions:

Announcements - Under the Add-ons section you can also have Announcements appear either directly in the center of the page or as a bar or banner on the page and you can even include links to forms to remind users to complete a particular application:

CTA - This feature allows you add clickable buttons with links to other pages or files as part of our Service Center Showcase.

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