You can customize the way your Portal Pages will appear in your Portals Manager. This provides a clean and orderly look to your Portals Manager and makes it easy for your users to find the forms they're looking for. 

To customize your Portal Pages

Select the gear icon of the folder’s Portal Page and your options will appear. You can choose everything from the background image and the logo to the welcome message and even set permissions so that only certain users with a password can view the forms in your portal page.

To customize the appearance of each individual form's portal page:

Go to the Forms Management section and select the folder that it’s being stored in. Then select the cog for each individual form to customize its appearance. 

NOTE: You must first turn on the portal page for the form itself and then you will be able to begin customization. From here, you’ll be able to create details about the form such as a welcome page, how long it will take to complete, any requirements before filling it out, and links to related forms that users may also need to fill out. 

Adding resources to portal pages:

You can add a resource to a portal page, to link to other resources. This is also helpful if you want to add a link to a form that will include "/prepare" in the URL. To do this, simply click on the settings for that specific page, navigate to "add-ons" and enable the resources section. Then, you can add resources and their relevant links.

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