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How to Prepare a Document
How to Prepare a Document
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Preparing a document allows an end user to fill out or complete a form before it reaches any of the signers. This may be an applicant or someone who needs to add information to a form that is necessary for the other signers to sign off on; a preparer will not be able to sign the form. Lastly, this feature is only available on SeamlessDocs, not WebForms. 

To prepare a document:

  1. Select the Pencil icon while you are logged in and editing a form to enter Preparer View or adding /prepare to the end of your form URL.

  2. Once you're in Preparer View, which looks exactly like Live View, you can begin filling in the desired fields

  3. After you're done, click on Submit to continue the workflow and provide your signature to confirm the preparation of the document.

As the preparer, this person will be prompted to send an signature invite to the first signer if they are an unknown signer. If the signer is known, then the email will be automatically sent to that signer. After sending out the invites, your job as the preparer is complete and the signature workflow will continue. 

NOTE: Any assigned fields will be accessible to the preparer, so if there are any fields that they should not fill out, you will want to communicate this with them ahead of time, if possible. 

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