Bundling Forms
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Bundling your forms together allows you to create one form out of multiple SeamlessDocs. 

To bundle forms you must first save each form as a template.

To save forms as a template:

  1. Go to File and then Save as Template.

  2. Enter your Template Name (IE: Employment Application) and then choose or create a Template Collection to save it in.

  3. Now you can enter a template description and save. 

Once you have done this with all forms that you want to bundle, go to your Template Gallery. To get to the Template Gallery go to your Forms Manager, click Create and then Browse Templates.

To bundle your templates:

  1. Once in the Gallery, click My Collections and then locate the collection where you saved your templates.

  2. Below each form to be bundled, click Add to Bundle.

  3. A box will pop up on the left with all of the forms to be bundled. You can rearrange the order of your forms simply by dragging and dropping.

  4. When you are done adding all forms click Use Bundle. This will upload these forms into your GovOS Studio account where you can now make any customizations to your bundled forms.

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