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Query GoogleSheets
Query GoogleSheets

This article walks through how you can query a Google Sheet as a database to have other fields populated based on a selection

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Did you know that you can pull information from a GoogleSheet into your WebForms and Wizards? This allows you to pull information from a large dataset. This is helpful if you want to automatically populate things like addresses from a list of predetermined addresses.

To set up Query GoogleSheets

  1. Go to your Google Sheet page and click File then Publish to the Web... and click Publish.

  2. From the WebForm Builder, under Specialty Tools, add the Query GoogleSheet element to your form

  3. Either click the settings icon or right-click and click More Options

  4. Copy the Sheet ID from the URL in your browser (this should be at the very top of the browser when you're in the Google sheet and not under any of the settings) and paste it in the inspector under GoogleSheet ID. You will find the Sheet ID in the URL here where {SHEET_ID} is in the following URL:{SHEET_ID]/edit

Want to try this on your own? Try these Google Sheet ID's:

Query a list of US States:

Here is a demo form to see how it will look after it's successful!

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