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Setting Permissions and Access on Forms
Setting Permissions and Access on Forms

This article walks through all of the Permissions that can be given to a user on the form level

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Form Permissions

Permissions are set on a form-by-form basis and can only be changed by a form's author or an owner user.

You can toggle whether other users can view and edit the form, view the submissions of the form, and/or become the form's new author.

NOTE: Owner users will automatically have view and edit access for all forms and submissions, however there can only be one author per form.

To edit form permissions

From the Forms Manager:

To access this modal from the Forms Manager you will click on the form once and then click on the Padlock icon on the top right:

From the Edit View of the Form:

  1. As the form author, double-click the form in your Forms Manager to access the form editor.

  2. Click Settings and then Permissions from the drop-down menu.

  3. If necessary, click Add User at the bottom to begin editing their permissions for this form.

  4. Select the options in the appropriate columns for which permissions you would like to give them.

Permissions Breakdown

Form Authorship

Giving another user authorship permission allows them to view, edit, archive, and delete the form as well as view and delete the submissions. The new author will also be able to edit permissions moving forward and the previous author will lose these permissions unless they are an Owner.

If email notifications are enabled and set to default to the form's author, the new author will now receive these notifications.

View Form

If you provide a user with View Form permission, they will be able to view the form in their Forms Manager, but will not have Owner rights to it. The user will not be able to see the submissions unless you also either manually assign, associate or give them access to View Submissions in the modal. 

View Submissions

This permission gives the user permission to view all of the form’s submissions in their Submissions Manager. It does not however give them the ability to add tags/stages or assign other users, but only to view the data.

Edit Form

This will allow them to edit the form itself including changing any of the settings like the signature workflow or email routing.

Process Submissions

This allows the user to manage all submissions on a form themselves by allowing them to add, remove or change Tags/Stages and also assign other users to the submissions without needing to be assigned themselves. If you only want them to be able to manage certain submissions you will want to assign them only to individual submissions. 

Requiring Log-in

Turning this setting on will require that ALL signers, including later ones, will have to log-in as a user before signing. Any type of user can sign including Visitor users.

Visitor Registration

This allows users who do not have an account yet to sign up for an account as a Visitor and fill out forms, especially if Require Log-in is turned on. If you are using Save and Continue this setting MUST be turned on so that they can register to save their progress, however Require Log-in does not require this to be turned on. If you are Requiring Log-in and the Visitor Registration button is turned off then only users who have already created accounts will be able to log-in and sign.

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