Now with the Submission Rule Builder (SRB), you can automatically create visitor users for Save and Continue or your GRM.

To set up auto creation of a visitor user:

  1. Go to either the editor of a WebForm or SeamlessDoc.

2. Select Add Ons, then choose Submission Rule Builder (SRB).

3. Select Add Rule.

4. Choose Email from the IF drop-down menu. You can choose any labeled field option found on your form, as long as it has an Email Validation. *Please note that if the field is not email validated, then you will not be able to set up co-registration successfully. Click here to review how to Email Validate a field on your SeamlessDoc.

5. Choose Has a Value from the next drop-down menu.

6. Select Create a user with this email from the THEN drop-down menu. You can create multiple user creation rules based off different fields on your form.

7. Customize the Subject and Message of the email to notify the user of their new visitor account.

Sample Subject and Email:

New Submission: Account Creation Notification

Thanks for your recent submission and welcome to your new online account! We want to make sure that you can always access your forms and submissions.

Once you log in, you will be able to see any forms you have submitted, as well as check on their status, post messages, and upload additional attachments.

We hope this online tool allows you to better interact with your government and creates a more seamless process.

8. Share your new form! When someone completes the form, they will automatically get an email with a link for them to register and create a new account that will be linked to their submission.

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