Looking to upgrade the style on your SeamlessDocs and Web Forms? We are excited to offer beautiful new advanced themes that can be added to any SeamlessDoc or Web Form!

To add a them to your SeamlessDoc or Web Form:

1. Go to either your SeamlessDoc or Web Form editor.

2. Select Settings, then choose Advanced from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose the Custom CSS option.

4. Copy the code below and paste it in to the CSS field.

@import url (https://assets.seamlessdocs.com/css/liveview-base-min.css);

Step 5: Select Save and enjoy your new beautifully themed SeamlessDocs and Web Forms!

Note: Make sure to check back in at SeamlessDocs.com/themes as we add in new color combinations and alternate designs.

Interested in custom themes that match your colors or website styling? Get in touch with your account manager for more details and pricing.

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