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Logging In with Active Directory
Logging In with Active Directory

This article walks through the basics of logging in when using Active Directory

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If your organization is already using Active Directory, you can now take advantage of our Active Directory integration! This means your system admin can set up your GovOS Studio account to accept the same credentials you already use to log in to other services at work.

This robust new feature will allow you to access your account in a way that is simple, secure, and truly Seamless. 

Once your organization has been set up with the Active Directory Login Integration on your GovOS Studio account, you will be presented with the following options on the Sign In page:

To log in with Active Directory: 

Click on the blue button that best describes the connection you associate with (button labels will vary based on an organization's Active Directory preferences). From here you will be directed to the Auth0 login screen, where you can proceed to enter your existing Active Directory credentials (i.e. the same username and password combination you would use to log into other services at work).

If the user logging in isn’t a registered GovOS Studio user and logs in through Active Directory we will provision a new user (Visitor User). These users will have Standard Login turned off by default, but that can be toggled on/off through the user settings for that user.

If the user logging in is a registered GovOS Studio user then, unless your system administrator has made an exception, you will no longer be able to log in with your old GovOS Studio email/password combination because Standard Login has been turned off. This can be changed on a user by user basis in their User Profile by an Owner user.

Here, you will enter your Active Directory credentials and will be granted access to the platform.

Submitting Forms Requiring Active Directory Login

If a form requires a user to log in before filling it out, they can log into AD using the same method.

To submit forms that require Active Directory login: 

  1. Navigate to the URL of the Live View of the form

  2. Click the appropriate AD button and log in using credentials

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