Visitor Access

Visitors are users who have created an account to submit your forms, save incomplete submissions, and track past submissions.

These users are free and unlimited and can be created in a number of ways. These methods include:

  1. Save and Continue on a SeamlessDoc

  2. Using Co-Registration enabled on SeamlessDoc or Web Form

  3. GRM self sign up (*

  4. Through User Management (in either SD or GRM)

  5. Active Directory self-signup

  6. Require login/signup to access form

Unlike other users types, Visitors can't build forms or process submissions. Visitors only have access to submit forms, view their past submissions, and view submissions which have been shared with them.

Visitors are able to log in to GovOS Studio and access the Visitor Lobby. They can navigate to their form submissions via the Quick Filters.

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