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Where do I start? The Differences between a SeamlessDoc and WebForm
Where do I start? The Differences between a SeamlessDoc and WebForm

This article will you help you choose the best option for your form between our two types of forms.

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GovOS Studio has two main end-user facing products: WebForms and SeamlessDocs. When creating a new form, the first thing a form builder needs to decide is, which product should I use? The following checklist is a list of questions to ask yourself before you begin building:

If the following are true, you must use a SeamlessDoc:

  • You already have a PDF and you would like to make this fillable. You prefer to keep the formatting of this PDF and make it fillable

  • Your form is a state or federal mandate and formatting must be preserved

  • The form will have multiple signatures

  • The form needs to have input from multiple people

  • You have complex calculations

  • Quick to upload and implement

If the following are true, you should use a WebForm:

  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly

  • The priority is a modern and sleek user interface

  • You want to have conditional questions display based on the answer to other questions

  • ADA WCAG 2.0 Compliant

  • Specialty features such as: translate, reCaptcha, images/videos, survey tools, embedded maps, Acuity scheduling, and more!

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