Private PDFs

In an ongoing effort to keep your records safe, links to PDFs will now require users to log in and have access to those submissions in order to view them.  

While direct links to PDFs can no longer be shared with users who do not have a GocOS Studio account, you still have the ability to include PDFs as attachments in email notifications which do not require a login.

If you have been relying on links to the PDFs in emails and want to make sure those will still be accessible to users without requiring login, you will want to make sure those are now included as attachments instead.

Including PDFs as Attachments

You can include PDFs in each type of notification, including submission notifications, submission receipts, activity notifications, and document completion notifications.

Note: You can learn more about the different types of notifications here.

How to Toggle PDFs from Email Notifications

  1. From the SeamlessDoc Editor, click Settings then Custom Email Settings

  2. Under each type of email notification, toggle on the option to include the PDF

Instructional Video

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