Convenience Fee

This article walks you through how to set up Convenience Fees when collecting Payments

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When you are collecting payments from Citizens you may want to charge a Convenience Fee either to cover the costs of processing or cover any fees incurred by your Payment Processor. 

Once you have this turned on you will have the option to choose from a series of types of Convenience Fees depending on how you would like the fee to be calculated:

Percentage - This will be a percentage of the total that you are charging them before they pay.

Set Fee - This will be a static fee in a dollar amount set by you that will stay the same for each payment.

Percentage + Set Fee - This allows you to combine the previous options to line up more closely with what you need to collect for processing.

Percentage and Minimum Fee - This would allow you to establish a minimum fee that must be charged even the percentage of the original total goes below that threshold.

Advanced - This will allow you to request a custom Convenience Fee depending on your Payment Processor and will ask you to send a message with details of the request to our team to review.

Custom Fee Name - You can even customize the name of the fee to provide more clarity to the user making the payment.

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