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How to find your Form and Submission ID
How to find your Form and Submission ID

For troubleshooting purposes we may ask for your Form ID or Submission ID to resolve your issue more quickly, here is how to find it!

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Whenever working with our Support or Success team we may ask you to provide the Form ID, Submission ID or both in order to better resolve an issue. 

In order to find them you will want to go into your Submissions Manager which is the place where you can find all of your data that you've collected on a GovOS Studio form.

When you're in the Submissions Manager there is a number at the end of the URL that always starts with CO and that is your Form ID.

Then you can click on any of your Submissions right on the Date Created and it will open up the Submission Drawer but also add the Submission ID to the URL. Here is an image of what it looks like to see both ID's in the URL:

You can now just copy and paste that entire URL and send it to our team and we can investigate from there! 

Just in case here is a gif how that process looks:

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