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Payments: Setting up Chase Orbital
Payments: Setting up Chase Orbital

This article will walk you through how to set up the Payments integration if you use Chase Orbital Virtual Terminal

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This article will walk you through how to set up your account to accept payments using Chase Orbital as your provider. 

The first step is you will need the Merchant ID in order to connect your Chase account.

In some cases, we can use your existing merchant numbers to set up your access to the Orbital Virtual Terminal. In other cases, however, new identification numbers are needed. If you are an existing merchant, please contact your account executive at Chase to find out. To learn more you can visit the FAQ page for Chase Orbital Payments.

NOTE: We do not allow authentication and testing with a demo/test account. These must be credentials from a live account. 

After you've typed in your Merchant ID and click Connect Account you will then be taken to the Settings page where you can customize your payments.

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