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How to Delegate a Signer
How to Delegate a Signer

This article will focus on how to delegate another signer to a submission.

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How to Delegate a Signer 

This article will focus on how to delegate another signer to a submission. This feature allows you to accomplish the same task as the Notify a Different Signer feature, this will just allow the signer to delegate, rather than a user with access to the Submissions Manager. You can turn on the Delegate a Signer feature in the SeamlessDoc Editor mode of your form, under Manage Signers.

How to access the Delegate a Signer feature

You will first click the form you want to access from your Forms Manager so that you can open up the document editor. Next you can click on Signers and Manage Signers to customize your signer options. 

Manage Signers

In the Manage Signers window, you will see the options to either Require a Login for the signer and a Can Delegate option to the right of the signer’s email address field. *Please note that these options will be available to all signer types except Unknown Signers. Once you click the Can Delegate checkbox, that signer or those signers will be allowed to sign the form or assign it to someone else.

Delegate from a Signer’s View

What if you are a signer and want to delegate another person to sign? This section will review what the signer sees when they receive the form link to sign and how they can actually delegate the task to someone else. 

Once you receive an email requesting your signature on a SeamlessDoc, you will click the link, which will bring you to the form. Once the form opens up, the signer will see a few different options in blue on the bottom left corner of the page. The options will appear as symbols.  To the left of the printer symbol, the signer will see the outline of a person shaded in grey, where they can click and a new window will appear.

The window that pops up will ask for the full name and email address of the person you would like to delegate to sign. *Please note that you will receive an email after the newly designated signer has signed in your place as well as receive a copy of the completed submission. 

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