Renotify a Signer & Notify a Different Signer 

This article will focus on how to remind a signer to sign and delegate another signer to a submission. The Invite Signer feature is a great option if you need someone else to sign the document in place of the person who is supposed to sign. This feature is only available after the first signer signs and it is only for SeamlessDocs, as WebForms can only have one signature field.

How to access the Notify a Different Signer feature

You will go to the Submissions Manager to use this feature. Just a reminder that you can access the Submissions Manager by clicking on the number to the right of the form’s name in your Forms Manager.   

Once you are in the Submissions Manager, you can view the details of a submission by clicking on that specific row. This will open up a new window on the right hand side where you will be able to view the Signature Status of the submission.

Signature Status

In the Signature Status window, you will see a button titled Invite Signer:

After clicking on Invite Signer a window will pop up showing that signer's email address. Clicking on Send without making any changes will Renotify that signer with a new Signature Request Link. If you change the email address, this will now send an email notification to another person to sign in place of the original signer:

Use Cases

The Renotify feature is useful when you are missing a signature for let's say 2 weeks and want to “nudge” the person. You can Renotify the signer as many times, just in case they need a few reminders!

The Notify a Different Signer feature comes in handy if the person that was supposed to sign, is no longer working for your department or if a different signer should sign. 

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