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How to create Stages in the Submissions Manager
How to create Stages in the Submissions Manager

This article will walk through how to create Stages to be used with your submission in GovOS Studio in the Submissions Manager

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With GovOS Studio we make it easy for Citizens and Staff to submit forms but what is the best way to handle the data after it's been submitted? One of the great features that GovOS Studio offers is a way to easily place your form submissions into Stages that can denote their status in processing.

For example, if you are processing Birth Certificate forms you can have each submission automatically start off in a stage called Received using the Submission Rule Builder then when your staff member starts processing their request they can change it into a stage called Processing and then when they've finished processing the request they could move the submission into a stage called Completed. You can then use these stages to filter out which forms are in each Stage to better keep track of processing.

NOTE: Only the authors of forms and Owner level users can create new Stages, however to apply a stage after it has been created to a submission you will need to be assigned to the submission or given Process Submissions in the Permissions modal.

To start you will go into the Submissions Manager for your form by logging into GovOS Studio and then clicking on the number to the right of the name of the form, or by clicking on the form once and then clicking the Submissions button in the top right hand corner.

From there you will see a window on the left hand side just below the back button containing the stages. Note that it may be collapsed and will require you to click on the small arrow to open it:

From there you can click on Create Stage and type out the name of the stage and then press enter to save it and be able to create the next Stage:

As I mentioned earlier you can choose the stage that each Submission will start out in using the Submission Rule Builder (SRB). However, to move a Submission into a stage, or change the stage, you will go to the Stages Column and then click on icon there to choose the Stage or if it already exists in a certain stage you can click on the current stage to choose from the list of other stages:

Clicking on the name of any one of the Stages on the menu on the lefthand side will automatically filter all of the submissions that are currently in that stage. 

Deleting and Editing Stages

If you need to delete or edit a stage, you can hover your mouse over the stage in the Stages Manager in the pop out window on the left hand side. When you hover your mouse over the Stage you will see two icons appear. One is a Pencil Icon that allows you to edit the Title and Color of the stage. The second is a trash can icon that allows you to delete the stage entirely:

NOTE: You can only have one Stage per submission, so you cannot have a submission in multiple stages at once. This in contrast to tags which let you have multiple tags per submission, but does not allow you to filter by tag.

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