Assignments allow you to designate who should be working on or reviewing specific form submissions.  When a user is assigned, they will then be able to view the submission and edit the tags and assignments on that submission. 

The list of assigned users will appear in a form's submission manager both in a column labeled "Assigned to" as well as within the Submission Details panel under the "Assigned to" header.

If there are too many users assigned to display within the column, an icon will appear with the number of additional users not being displayed.  You can click this icon to view those users.

Editing Assignments

You can assign users both manually on a submission-by-submission basis or automatically using the Submission Rule Builder (SRB).

How to Manually Assign Users to a Submission

  1. From the Submission Manager, navigate to the submission you'd like to assign

  2. Either directly in the "Assigned to" column or in the Submission details under the "Assign to" header, click the "Assign to" icon

  3. Within the drop-down that appears, either scroll to find the desired user or begin typing their name to search through all available users

  4. Click the User's name and they will be assigned.

How to Remove an Assigned User(s)

  1. From the Submission Manager, navigate to the submission

  2. From either the "Assigned to" column or under the "Assigned to" header in the Submission details, simply click the user's icon to remove the assignment

Note: A user will receive an email notification that they have been assigned to the submission.  The email will also contain a link to said submission.

How to Automatically Assign Submissions

To automatically assign users to submissions, you can create rules using the Submission Rule Builder.

NOTE: Only Owner level users can add or change a tag or stage, or assign another user, on a Submission without being assigned to that Submission. Directors and Processors MUST be assigned to a submission to perform any of those actions.


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