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Adding text to a SeamlessDoc (Uploaded PDF)
Adding text to a SeamlessDoc (Uploaded PDF)

This article walks you through how to add Read Only text to your SeamlessDoc (Uploaded PDF).

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When uploading a PDF there may be an opportunity to add text to the form, for instance adding a label for a new field where you want to collect information. Although we always recommend adding this to your original PDF and then using the Update Source PDF option, you may not always have that luxury if it's an old form and you've lost the original.

To add text to your form you will log-in to edit the form and then on the left hand side you will see a list of the different field options you can add to a form. You will choose the Add Text option and drag and drop it on to the form.

After doing so you'll be able to start typing out the Text that you would like to add to the form. Note that you will start off just typing all of the information but will then be able to resize and fit the text if needed:

To Change the Font Formatting you can hover over the field and then click on the Gear icon to the right of it and then select More Options and scroll down to Field Font Formatting to update the size, font, color and more of the text.

To resize you can also hover over the field and click on the Gear Icon and this time click on Resize. 

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