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This article walks you through how to not have PDF's attached to your notification e-mails, thank you page and others

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You may not always want to include the PDF of your form in your emails and/or Thank You Page.

For example, you may want to let an applicant know that their request has been approved but don't want them to see confidential info which later signers have added. In this case, you could send them a Document Completion notification, but exclude the completed PDF.

Here is what a signature receipt email will look like by default. A link to the form and copy of the PDF are included.

Here is the same with only the log-in link and PDF.

Next, here are areas you might want to remove PDFs from.

Signature Confirmation Emails

By default, all signers receive a signature confirmation email after signing. Those emails will also, by default, include a copy of the form they signed.

How to Remove PDF from Signature Confirmation Emails

  1. From the Doc Editor, click Signers then Manage Signers

  2. Click the envelope icon next to a signer

  3. Toggle the options to disable including the PDF attachment and/or link in that signer's signature receipt.

Email Notifications

You can remove PDFs from each type of notification, including submission notifications, submission receipts, activity notifications, and document completion notifications.

Note: You can learn more about the different types of notifications here.

How to Remove PDF from Email Notifications

  1. From the Doc Editor, click Settings then Custom Email Settings

  2. Under each type of email notification, toggle off the option to include the PDF

Thank You Page

After signing and submitting a form, users are taken to a Thank You Page with a customizable message and the completed PDF as it is. You can now disable that.

How to Remove PDF from Thank You Page

  1. From the Doc Editor, click Settings then Thank You Page

  2. Toggle Hide & Share Download to Yes and Show PDF Preview to No

  3. Click Save

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