As Government employees you take great pride in all that you offer your staff and citizens and one of the easiest ways to share in that pride is in a common branding and experience. 

Citizens are proud when they see the colors and logo of their local governments and most importantly they feel more comfortable when taking advantage of a service that just plain looks like their Government. 

With that in mind we’ve created the ability for you to apply Global Themes to your forms so that you can more easily apply your branding and colors to your services. Instead of having to customize each form individually the Global Themes functionality will give the power to you as an admin to have more control over the look and feel of your services and your staff to stick to branding guidelines more easily.

To access your Global Themes you will log-in to your account and then click on your username in the top right and then on the drop down menu you will then click on Company. On that page you will see a series of tabs and one of those is Branding:

After you're on the Branding page you can then click on Create Form Theme and you will be taken to the page where you can add and save the Custom CSS as a theme to be applied to your forms. 

From this window you can choose a custom name, copy and paste your Custom CSS and then even choose a category to save the theme under like General, Mobile and Embed styling. There is also a checkbox so that you can select to have this theme applied as the Platform Wide Default:

If you would like to apply the theme on an individual level you can go into the Editor any of your forms and then go to Settings --> Custom Form Styling and you'll be able to either apply a Custom CSS directly to that page or choose from one of the themes you've created.

We will be rolling out some pre-created Global Themes that you can use out of the box and we would love to get your feedback on themes you would like to see!

Please reach out to your Success Manager or our Support team with your request and we can add it to the list!

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