If you would like to collect payments using Forte, you can do so using our Payments modal!

Before you get started you will want to have the following information available from your Forte account:

-Account ID
-API Key (Forte Calls this their API Access ID)
-Location ID
-Secret (Forte Calls this their API Secure Key)

NOTE: We do not allow authentication with a demo/test account. These must be credentials from a live account.

To find the "API Key" and the "Secret" you will need to log in to Forte's Dex. You will:

  1. Click on "Developer" then "API Credentials".

2. You will then click the Create button at the top right side

3. Enter an easy-to-remember name for your API Credentials into the Name field.

4. Click the Create New API Key button

5. The API Access ID and API Secure Key fields display along with a Copy button so that you can easily copy the values and load into GovOS Studio.

Adding information to SeamlessDoc Form

Then you can go into any of your forms and click on Add-ons --> Process Payments and you will be taken to this window:

After you've typed in this information and clicked on Connect Account you will be taken to the page where you can customize the settings to get started.

NOTE: You cannot Refund transactions received via Forte in the GovOS Studio Submissions Manager. You will need to refund directly from your Forte Virtual Terminal.

Click here to learn the next steps for customizing and updating the settings to begin collecting payments.

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