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Payments: Connecting to PayFlow Pro
Payments: Connecting to PayFlow Pro

If you would like to collect payments using PayFlow Pro, you can do so using our Payments modal!

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Before you get started you will want to have the following information available:

LOGIN - Use your VENDOR ID. Vendor is the login ID you created when you signed up for the Payflow Pro service, and is the same merchant ID used to access PayPal Manager.

PARTNER - This field contains either VeriSign, PayPal, or the name (ID) of the reseller or company from which you purchased Payflow Pro.

USER - This field contains the Payflow Pro login name. (This field is the same as LOGIN, unless you set up a separate user for your Payflow transactions.) 

PASSWORD - This field contains your Payflow Pro password. This can be the same password that you use to access PayPal Manager. The password must be strong, between 6 and 32 characters long, and include at least one number.

NOTE: We do not allow authentication and testing with a demo/test account. These must be credentials from a live account. 

If you receive “Error Authenticating” after entering in your credentials, then click here to access the PayFlow website Help Center. If you have any IP Address Security features, you will need to whitelist the IP Address in your PayFlow account first.

Once all of the information is gathered, you can go into any of your forms and click on Add-ons --> Process Payments and you will be taken to this window:

After you've typed in this information and clicked on Connect Account you will be taken to the page where you can customize the settings to get started.

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